November 09, 2005

Best GIF Ever; New Gondry Vid; etc.

Random interesting design bits I’ve encountered while shirking my actual job duties:

  • Best. Animated GIF. Ever. With a perfect soundtrack to boot. (I knew there was a reason we brought animated GIF creation into Photoshop CS2.) [via]
  • Director Michel Gondry and the White Stripes team up again to make your head hurt & make you like it. (This is timely if you were losing sleep wondering what a mash-up of Conan, Terry Gilliam, and those weird WEFAIL puppets would look like.) [via] (Previous Gondry/Stripes brilliance here and here.)
  • Coudal Partners, original proponents of Photoshop Tennis, have produced the clever short film Copy Goes Here. The mellow pace means you can’t jam in a screening while waiting for, say, your online banking to refresh, but it’s good for a laugh when you have 10 minutes or so. [via]
  • Here’s a zoom interface you don’t see every day: Justin Everett-Church has skinned the new Yahoo Maps in a pirate theme, complete with extending spyglass. (He’s also done a radar theme). [via]
Posted by John Nack at 8:23 PM on November 09, 2005

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