December 18, 2005

Flash + AE video tutorial

A few days ago on the Flashcoders list, some people were discussing ways that Flash and After Effects can be used together. Video support in Flash has opened some cool possibilities, but note that AE also exports Flash SWF files. The newly launched Motion Design Center features a video tutorial on using AE to animate text, then import it into Flash. [Update: In case they’re useful, you can find my old tutorials on AE SWF->Flash (demoing parent-child relationships, text animation, etc.) here.]
Now that the product teams can work together, we have opportunities to take integration to a new level. As we build the roadmap, we’d love to get your feedback on what’s most important.

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Angel’s World

The NY Times features an article on photographer Angelo Rizzuto and a slideshow of his images. From 1952 to 1966, Rizzuto left his apartment each day at 2pm to document the people and streets of New York, concluding every roll with a grim self-portrait. His work and troubled life are chronicled in the new book Angel’s World by Michael Lesy.

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