December 18, 2005

Flash + AE video tutorial

A few days ago on the Flashcoders list, some people were discussing ways that Flash and After Effects can be used together. Video support in Flash has opened some cool possibilities, but note that AE also exports Flash SWF files. The newly launched Motion Design Center features a video tutorial on using AE to animate text, then import it into Flash. [Update: In case they’re useful, you can find my old tutorials on AE SWF->Flash (demoing parent-child relationships, text animation, etc.) here.]
Now that the product teams can work together, we have opportunities to take integration to a new level. As we build the roadmap, we’d love to get your feedback on what’s most important.

Posted by John Nack at 6:21 PM on December 18, 2005


  • James — 4:37 AM on December 19, 2005

    I love the idea of using AE to make effects for flash, but deal with localised text. Any solutions for this?

  • John Nack — 8:52 AM on December 19, 2005

    James, I checked with some AE folks, and they’re not aware of issues with localized text. Could you provide more details? –Thanks, J.

  • Craig D. Gundlach — 8:52 PM on December 19, 2005

    WOW, Flash & AE together, product teams working together, I swear this merger is the answer to years of my personal prayers and restores my faith in the Almighty.
    Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays ya’ll
    Craig in Texas

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