December 20, 2005

Reader speeder; UX Mag; Antarctica

  • Macworld features some tips on making Adobe Reader launch faster. As Adobe has been saying for some time, launch time is a key area of focus, and overall you should find Reader 7 a good deal quicker to start up than previous versions. Even so, you may want to try these hand-tuning strategies.
  • PhotoshopNews features an article and some great photos from the just-completed trip to Antartica. Note to self: Invent galactically successful, category-defining software that becomes verb; continue pushing limits of digital imaging; enjoy fruits of said labor. Tons of great images are here.
  • The brand new UX Magazine launched yesterday, “created to deliver a central place to discuss the critical disciplines that all enhance user experience.” The content is necessarily sparse at the moment, but I like the CSS-savvy design, and it could grow into a great resource. This blurb let me know they’re guys after my own heart: “Last but not least, we’re not happy. We never are. Never ever. We look at things and go ‘bah!’—out loud, numerous times a day. We just had to stop being so bloody picky and launch the damn thing.” It’s tough, but real artists ship.
Posted by John Nack at 11:52 PM on December 20, 2005


  • Alex Schleifer (UX Mag) — 1:51 PM on December 21, 2005

    Thanks a lot! We’re using the free time we now have to make sure that we can stop worrying so much about “making it work” and start focusing on content. To be honest I never thought that our discreet beta launch would generate such a buzz, and pressure to fix, create and modify everything that appears on our (ever growing) to-do list. — OK, back to work.

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