January 25, 2006

Panoramas in motion

If you’re interested in panoramic photography (see previous entries), check out World in Motion VR. The site features a technique I hadn’t seen before: QuickTime VR panoramas where the camera is moving, recording the scene over time. Here’s one of many examples (make sure to let it load a bit, and remember that you can click and drag as the video plays). It’s a trippy effect–“Double hand touch for drama!” The site also features more traditional but no less cool still panoramas (like this one from a glacier). Lastly, DIY gearheads may be interested in how to make a video panorama system on the cheap. [Via]

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New open source Adobe imaging library

There’s a new Generic Image Library available for download from Adobe Open Source page. The developers write, “It is a library that abstracts image representations from algorithms on images and allows one to write the algorithm once and have it work for image in any color space, channel depth, interleaved/planar pixel organization, etc., with performance similar to hand-coding for a specific image type.” If image science is your bag, this might be worth a look.

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American Trainwreck Awards, starring my blog

[Low news value here, but I’ve got to say it] If you’re reading this via RSS, great; if not & you’ve stumbled across the main page of my blog, my apologies for the Indiana Jones-style eyeball-melting that ensued. Changes to the CSS shared among several Adobe blogs have made the site look, uh, not so good. The IS folks are investigating, and hopefully the proper appearance (if not a better one) will be restored soon. [Update: Thanks to Tobias Hoellrich for settings things right. Now, I need to find something the Dreamweaver team needs so that I can swap it for some CSS-wrangling help…]

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