February 04, 2006

Get your widget on

Like Konfabulator (now rechristened Yahoo! Widgets)? You can now bang out your own components using the Widget Creation Script for Photoshop. I gave it a quick whirl and, sure enough, it works like a charm. Here’s to Adobe Bridge team alum Ed Voas & co. keeping up the good work.
[Thanks to Thomas DeMeo for the link.]
[Update: Gah–I had a typo in the original link. Thanks to Joe Lencioni for the heads-up.]

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Scientific illustration in Photoshop

Keeping the science theme going, I’ve gathered some examples of Photoshop’s use in scientific illustration:

  • Olduvai George is home to the natual history illustrations and paintings of Carl Buell. Check out how he builds a mammoth layer by layer. [Via]
  • Greg Martin’s site features outstanding space renderings & photography in a slick Flash gallery.
  • The space art of 17-year-old Alyn Hunter is featured on deviantART, along with that of other space artists.
  • Gary Tonge collects his photo-realistic sci-fi renderings in Visions Afar. [via]
  • Joana Garrido uses 3D software plus Photoshop to render ancient creatures.
  • Science blog Easternblot.net includes a wealth of additional links, including ones to online marketplace Science-Art.com and illustration degree programs like the one at UC Santa Cruz. And for yet more scientific illustration links, see my previous entry.

By the way, on the subject of scientific illustration, I recently discovered Albertus Seba’s Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, an amazing collection of 18th-century illustrations of animals, plants and insects. And if that’s up your alley, see also Dream Anatomy, a collection of antique anatomical renderings drawn from the National Library of Medicine. [Via] Or for a more modern spin, see the adorable (?) squirting stomachs of I Heart Guts [Via].
[PS–6 minutes after I posted this, a copy of Cabinet of Natural Curiosities showed up at my door. Score!]

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Photoshop & Rocket Scientists

News of astronauts firing an empty space suit into orbit (seems like such a dude thing to do, doesn’t it? “Heh heh–when it hits the atmosphere it’ll blow up real good, heh heh”) got me thinking about Photoshop’s role in space imaging.
Data captured by the Hubble Space Telescope & other high-powered telescopes are stored in the FITS format, as packets that need to be re-assembled for use on computers. To make the public-domain data widely available (beyond the 900 or so pro astronomers in the world), a team from the European Southern Observatory, ESA, and NASA created the FITS Liberator plug-in for Photoshop. NASA’s Hubble Source features an article on creating your own color Hubble images using the tools together. As of version 1.6.05 FITS Liberator had some 50,000 users, and version 2.0 (released in August) takes advantage of new 32-bit HDR imaging support in Photoshop CS2.
Check out the image gallery, and drop us a line if you try out FITS Liberator with Photoshop. We’d love to hear your story & see your images.
[More SuitSat links here and here]

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