February 06, 2006

Digital infrared photography with Lightroom

Think you’re serious about digital photography? Would you hand over $450 and your $1500 digital SLR for an irreversible, warranty-voiding conversion to shoot only digital infrared photos? By that measure I’m a total piker, but photographer Michael Reichmann has taken the plunge. In describing the challenge of converting these files to black & white, he writes, “There is a Santa Claus after all. Adobe’s new Lightroom can do just what’s needed. The program has a very sophisticated monochrome conversion capability, and an even more sophisticated ‘Auto’ function built into it that optimizes tonal distribution during grayscale conversion.” Maybe this is a hint of things to come, as camera companies look farther beyond the megapixel arms race & towards features that open new creative possibilities (and without voiding your warranty, either). [Via]

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