February 08, 2006

Upcoming Creative Suite Breeze presentations

Just a quick note: Adobe has announced an upcoming set of online seminars that will cover Live Trace & Live Paint in Illustrator CS2, typography in InDesign CS2, workflow management with Bridge, and more. The Breeze-based presentations, scheduled for Feb. 21-23rd, will feature live Q&A with the hosts (and will, I’d imagine, be available online for later viewing). [Via]

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Behind the scenes of United’s “Dragon” ad

Man, have you seen that “Dragon” commercial (short film, really) that United Airlines ran during the Superbowl? The gorgeous visuals get all the more impressive when you learn that they were done using stop motion and real paper cutouts. United has posted a behind-the-scenes video showing how director Jamie Caliri and his team drew characters, painted them in Photoshop, animated the pieces by hand, and removed wires and braces in After Effects. It’s really inspiring to see an artistic vision supported, not defined, by the tools & the strengths and limitations of each medium. [Via Kaliber 10000] [Related: more stop-motion links are in this post.]
[Update: Ko Maruyama has posted an in-depth interview with Jamie Caliri that goes into more detail on the tools & techniques that went into the ad.]

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