February 17, 2006

Stamps in motion

Now that you can upload images from Adobe Bridge and have them turned into stamps, what’s next? How about motion stamps? A Dutch company has started creating plastic stamps that use lenticular technology to capture animation (sorry, cornball music not included in actual stamps… but give ’em time). Can DIY animated stamp creation be far behind?
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Mordy on Illustrator, FreeHand

Mordy Golding, Illustrator expert and formerly Illustrator product manager (now living back in NY, never having been satisfied by CA bagels & lack of filthy-washcloth-style humidity), has posted an interesting interview with… himself. In it he muses on the future of Illustrator & FreeHand, among other things. I should be very clear in saying that I have no particular insights into any such plans (way too much going on in Photoshop-land for me to pester the vector guys right now), so I’m not endorsing or refuting any of Mordy’s points. I mention the article, however, as it may shed light on some of the questions & realities that are considered when planning a product roadmap.

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