February 21, 2006

Errol Morris, AE7->FLV, more in Motion Design Center, Adobe Proxy

  • Volume II, Issue 1 of Proxy, Adobe’s quarterly interactive PDF magazine, has been posted. [Via] This issue discusses typography in book publishing, Live Trace & Live Paint in Illustrator, Vanishing Point in Photoshop, moving a document from InDesign to the Web, and more. Here’s the direct link.
  • The Motion Design Center has been updated with a raft of new content. Here’s what got posted yesterday:
      • WeWorkForThem

        Michael Cina and Michael Young “ferret out” a host of critters to showcase their unique outlook.
      • Domani Studios

        Always pushing the envelope, Domani Studios’ 2100 pounds of creative muscle displays its playful side.
        Dialog Box
      • Errol Morris: Revealing Unexpected Realities
        By Megan Cunningham
        From The Fog of War to Apple’s “Switch” campaign, Errol Morris describes the unique connections between his dual career as an award-winning filmmaker and advertising iconoclast.
        Think Tank
      • Buildings as Interfaces
        By Peter Hall
        Architects and designers collaborate to create digital skins that allow buildings to blink, wink, and breathe. Step inside.
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  • Color between Photoshop and Flash: What’s the deal??

    Why is it that when you design an image in Photoshop, then move it to Flash (or Dreamweaver, or the Web in general), the appearance can totally change? If this issue has bitten you, spend ten minutes (9:19, actually) watching this new tutorial from our friend Michael Ninness. Myke explains the right color management switches to flip to change the out-of-the-box setup (geared towards a camera-to-print pipeline) to one that better suits Web output.
    On a related note, if you’re frequently working between Photoshop and Flash (as evidently lots of people are), check out Myke’s full set of tutorials on the subject, and/or his Photoshop + Flash session at next week’s Flashforward conference in Seattle.
    Of course, the fact that this stuff requires classes & tutorials gives us plenty of motivation to make it just work. More on that soon.

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