March 04, 2006

Funky tripods

I couldn’t attend PMA with the rest of the crew this year, but amidst the big camera announcements, they spied some funky accessories:

  • The MonsterPod doesn’t suck–literally or figuratively. Rather, its “Viscoelastic Morphing Polymer Super Grip Base” (three times fast, please) sticks onto just about any surface. I wonder if you can stick it to The Man…
  • The Joby Gorrilapod takes a different approach, wrapping its prehensile legs around all kinds of things (including the human head). [Via]

I recently went a slightly simpler route myself, opting for a tiny, lightweight Manfrotto, the better to irritate dinner companions when going for those natural light shots.

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A nice send-off for LiveMotion

LiveMotion, the project that brought me to Adobe, has been dead & buried for more than two years. That said, it was nice this week, at the first Flashforward show since Adobe and Macromedia came together, to close out that chapter with the LM-authored Words at Play site winning the Typography category. Congrats to Steve, Bo, Roberto, Matteo, Whitney, and Alyson.
The whole LM thing was a tough row to hoe, and though we fell short, many of the issues we took on (tight integration with Photoshop/Illustrator/After Effects, rapid extensibility, etc.) remain priorities for designers & developers. It’s great that we now have the chance to work on them together, in the app people already know & love.

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Podcast from Flashforward

I’m still recovering (in a good way) from spending the week at Flashforward & hope to have some notes up soon. In the meantime, if you’re interested in hearing some of my (slightly breathless) thoughts from the show floor, check out this podcast from Scott Sheppard’s Inside Mac Radio. The segment runs about 15 minutes, and author/blogger Jan Kabili has done an amazing job of transcribing the talk on The Unofficial Photoshop Blog. (Thanks, Jan!) Notes to self: Supply less cornball press photo. And stop being so word-dependent on “really.” I mean, really…

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