May 23, 2006

Photons to Ink; Adobe Proxy & Edge

Here’s a fistful of good learning resources:

  • Now ready for download: Volume II, No. 2 of Proxy, the quarterly design magazine from Adobe. This issue features a talk with John Maeda of MIT’s Media Lab; type geekery with Robert Slimbach; vectorizing in Illustrator; top 10 keyboard shorcuts in Creative Suite 2; enhancements to Adobe Stock Photos, and more.
  • The May 22 Adobe Edge newsletter is also live. Featured in this installment: Driving the Jaguar Experience Online | Edge Interview with Tim O’Reilly | Flex 2: What’s in It for Flash Developers? | Merging Two Sites: The New | Get More from Your Ajax Applications | Tips for Rookie Video Producers | Tapping into the Adobe Developer Community [Via]
  • The accomplished teacher/photographer duo of Katrin Eismann and Jack Reznicki are conducting their Photons to Ink weekend seminar June 24-25 in NYC. Looks like lots of good info will be flowing.
  • Update: The Adobe Design Center has been refreshed as well. New content includes:
    • Gallery: Flash movies from Ernesto Lavandera & Michele D’Auria
    • Think Tank: Getting Real: An interview with Jason Fried by Khoi Vinh
    • Dialog Box: Video on the Web — getting started by Hillman Curtis
    • Tutorials:
      • Trapping by Olav Martin Kvern, David Blatner
      • Color management by Olav Martin Kvern, David Blatner
      • Simple Adjustment Layers by Bruce Fraser, David Blatner
      • Closed and Open shape path tools by Mordy Golding
      • Frame by frame animation by Helge Maus, Sascha Wolter
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More visual trickery

  • Street artist Julian Beever creates eye-popping photorealistic chalk art that makes pedestrians swerve out of the way. [Via] More examples are on Beever’s site and in this BBC article.
  • Platinum FMD achieves photorealism of a different sort via Photoshop & 3D tools. [Via] See also their illustrations.
  • The bad news: Your ride is beset by thieves. The good news: The thieves are really quite stupid. The solution: Virtually stollen wheels.
    [See also previous examples]
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