May 26, 2006

Can’t install Photoshop? Here’s some info.

Late last week, customers began reporting that once they’d applied Apple’s QuickTime 7.1 update, they were unable to install Photoshop or the Creative Suite on Mactel systems. Apple and Adobe engineers have been working together* since then to diagnose the problem.
The tech docs for the installer freeze and activation failure are being pushed live now and may not yet be available, so in the meantime, here’s some key info:
Topic title:
Photoshop CS2 installation freezes Intel-based Mac
When you install Photoshop CS2 on an Intel-based Mac with the QuickTime 7.1 update installed, your Mac freezes. Apple is working on a QuickTime fix. Until it’s available, use the following solution, or contact Apple at 1-800-APLCARE (in North America) or go to for a list of international Apple support phone numbers.

  1. Restart the Macintosh and hold down the Shift key immediately after you hear the chimes.
  2. Release the Shift key when the Apple logo appears. When the Macintosh is in Safe Boot mode, the words Safe Boot appear on the logo.
  3. Insert your Mac OS system CD and perform an Archive and Install of OS 10.4.x, and select the option to Preserve Users and Network Settings. For instructions, see the documentation that came with your Apple computer, or contact Apple.
  4. Reboot the computer in normal mode. Note: Do not install the QuickTime 7.1 update.
  5. Install Photoshop

Obviously this approach isn’t ideal, and if you can sit tight, Apple should have an update ready soon. We’ll post more info as soon as it’s available.
Thanks for your patience,
* Sorry, conspiracy wingnuts: Apple and Adobe are on the same side & closely collaborate on these things. The truth bores sometimes, I know.

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