June 09, 2006

SiteGrinder 2 turns PSDs into HTML/CSS

MediaLab, makers of the popular PSD2FLA Photoshop-to-Flash conversion plug-in, have introduced SiteGrinder 2.0 for converting PSD files into interactive HTML pages and Web galleries. Some of the capabilities match things Photoshop and ImageReady already offer (e.g. slicing, creating rollovers), but SiteGrinder goes further by generating scrolling text boxes, CSS-styled text from Photoshop text layers, multiple pages from Layer Comps, and more. The site lets you see the product in action and check out example pages it has generated. I’m no CSS ninja*, so I can’t evaluate the quality of the generated code, but overall this looks like a pretty slick product.
All this makes me curious about what kinds of similar support, if any, we should add to Photoshop in the future. Past efforts to generate CSS have gotten pretty well ripped apart, and I don’t know whether any machine-generated code would ever please purists. And similarly, for the last six years GoLive has offered the ability to turn a PSD into a stack of DIV, but I’ve never met a soul who’s tried the feature. (Maybe it was ahead of its time–or at least the browsers–in 2000, or maybe it’s too hidden.)
So, I’m wondering: should we be working on ways (export from Photoshop/Fireworks, import via Dreamweaver/GoLive, etc.) to turn PSDs into images+CSS, or is that not a big need?
* I can’t get my blog comments to alternate colors, for crying out loud.

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Lightroom Podcast #7: Microsoft’s Tim Grey

Adobe’s pro photography evangelist George Jardine recently headed north to meet with the folks at Microsoft and has posted a new recording. George writes,

This podcast was recorded May 26th, 2006, at Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, WA. In this podcast, we dig into Tim’s role at Microsoft as the Director of Professional Photography Community. We also talk about the recent focus on the professional photographer’s workflow at Microsoft, and what Microsoft is working on to make Windows a compelling platform for photography.

The podcast is available via iTunes (search for “Lightroom”) and via this RSS feed.

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