June 13, 2006

“Raise that flag, my man–Respect!”

Jimmy Smits, Geraldo Rivera, and a pair of us pasty ex-Midwesterners rubbed elbows with a couple million jubilant New Yorkers this Sunday at the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC. I’ve posted a gallery of some of our snaps. We didn’t see this dude, but the giant papier-mâché heads and skull-faced kid (see gallery) more than made up for it.

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Photoshop TV @ Adobe: The Interview

Okay, maybe we’re not talking Nixon/Frost-type historical significance, but a bunch of us had fun chewing the fat with Matt Kloskowski in the latest installment (Episode 34) of Photoshop TV. The chat with Photoshop co-architects Russell Williams and Scott Byer, as well as me and Matt, starts around the 24:30 mark. (Incidentally, despite appearances to the contrary, Adobe HQ was not hit with a nuclear blast during the shooting. Rather, the building’s power-saving light system cut out, necessitating a little spontaneous hand-waving.)
On a related note, the Photoshop TV team has announced that they’ve reached 2 million downloads in a month. Congrats, guys!
[Update: Photoshop engineer John Peterson (known for Photomerge, Merge to HDR, warping, and more) writes, “The ‘I didn’t know it could do that’ remarks in the PhotoshopTV spot reminded me of the #1 funniest line I’ve ever seen in a report from our users studies group: ‘…[T]he test subject was not aware of this feature (even though it was implemented by her husband).'”]

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WDDG: Lo-fidelity all-stars

Heh–I love passing along great design and photography, and I think that the WDDG’s new site fits the bill, if in an entirely unusual way. Amidst a sea of handsome, interchangable sites, this willful awfulness really clears the palette. (Yes, Corporate America, this is what your Web designers crank out while on speakerphone during those interminable calls with you. No, seriously, that’s how this came about.) Now, despite having cranked out lots of solid work, WDDG founder James Baker wonders whether the forthcoming real company site can ever match up…
(Okay, okay–you want some more traditionally great work? Check out this collection from Arnold Newman, who passed away last week at the age of 88.)

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Lightroom Beta 3 now on Adobe Labs

The second major update to the Lightroom Public Beta is now available on Adobe Labs. This release remains Mac-only, but the Lightroom Beta for Windows will be available this summer and more public Betas are scheduled to follow with additional functionality.
Beta 3 for Mac includes the following updates:

  1. Before and After views in Develop
  2. History of Develop edits provided
  3. Live preview of HTML/Flash web output in new Web Module
  4. Auto Import or Hot Folder support
  5. Better handling of PSD and TIFF files
  6. Resolution control in Export
  7. Additional straighten tool
  8. Saving module settings with collections and shoots
  9. Keyword import/export
  10. User can specify a custom order for images in a collection or shoot
  11. More options for filtering based on rating
  12. Ability to not filter lists with search string/rating
  13. Black point compensation in Print
  14. Can specify Develop preset to apply during import

As always, we’re eager to hear photographers’ thoughts/rants/raves on what’s needed in this professional workflow application. Click the Community tab on the Lightroom product page for links to the forums. Thanks in advance for your insights.

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