July 26, 2006

100,000+ Lightroom downloads in 5 days

Okay, it’s a little immodest to keep mentioning these stats, but I’m pleased to report that Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 for Windows was downloaded more than 100,000 times in the first five days of availability on Adobe Labs. Add that to the quarter-million+ Mac downloads already recorded, and the product is off to a terrific start. Lots of work remains to be done, but the photographic community’s response keeps blowing past our expectations. Thanks to everybody for your interest & feedback so far.

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Goofing on trendy logos, bad authors, & photobloggers

Life’s not much fun if you can’t laugh at yourself a bit. (Heck, I used to call LiveMotion Crouching Vector, Hidden Bitmap.) In that vein…

  • The crowd at Yay Hooray has fun reinterpreting famous logos according to the lickably gradiated, bloopy “Web 2.0 look“. (And they remember to drp some vowls while they’re at it.) [Via] [Update: Hah–even Adobe couldn’t escape.]
  • Night of the Living Photoshop Books: Tongue firmly in cheek, Mike Johnston takes aim at some of the less-than-excellent titles out there (e.g. “How To Create Totally Alarming and Incredibly Tasteless Pastiche Monstrosities Using Photoshop”). Later he lists some titles he actually does recommend.
  • Same dude, different screed: Mike eviscerates know-nothing photoblog commentators in this wicked parody.
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10 free Photoshop plug-ins

Extreme Tech magazine has posted an overview of 10 free Photoshop plug-ins, yours for the downloading. The list includes Luce (for lighting effects), various Flaming Pear tools, Dust & Scratch Remover from Polaroid, Virtual Photographer, Border Mania (no relation to politics), Camouflage & Night Vision, and Auto FX Mosaic. [Via]
In a plug-in-related vein…

  • Filter Forge brings the spirit of the late, sometimes lamented Filter Factory into the 21st century. The tool offers “a visual node-based editor allowing you to create your own filters – textures, effects, distortions, backgrounds, you name it.”
  • Artlandia’s SymmetryShop and SymmertryWorks for Photoshop and Illustrator look like pretty slick and powerful ways to jam out repeating artwork. They’re not cheap, but for textile & clothing designers, I can imagine them being invaluable.
  • Macworld has posted a roundup of review of five Photoshop plug-ins (Exposure, FocalBlade, iCorrect Edit Lab Pro, PhotoKit Color, and Noiseware Professional).
  • You might want to check out the comprehensive Photoshop-Filters.com, as well as the Photoshop Blog’s list of plug-ins & plug-in resources. And the Photoshop product pages list a variety of plug-ins as well.
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