August 01, 2006

Lightroom Iceland Adventure is underway

The photographers of the Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop Adventure have arrived in Iceland and have hit the ground shooting. They’re blogging up a storm, and they’ve posted some beautiful images in a first photo gallery (made with that new Web gallery engine we’re developing). Look for more good stories, tips, and galleries to follow.

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Blood, Guts, Adobe, & Octane

A fair bit of what I post here is somewhat tangential to Adobe, but this time the subject is literally, physically tangential to the company–or just about. Sunday saw the second annual running of the San José Grand Prix and featured Champ cars screaming past our downtown HQ at a buck 80, rattling windows, dental work, and everything else with their 750hp turbocharged engines.
I walked around the building with my Rebel XT, and though no one from SI is going to fear for his or her job, I came away with a handful of shots I liked. My 17-85mm glass left me thinking–to paraphrase Roy Scheider in Jaws–“We’re gonna need a bigger lens.” Note to self: sell left kidney, do more curls, and then step up to a suitable monstrosity. You can see more images courtesy of Adobe engineer Winston Hendrickson and his 300mm lens. [Update: Craig Schamp, also part of Adobe engineering, used Lightroom to produce this gallery.]
By the way, a word to the wise: If you ever find yourself spinning out in a Grand Prix, then attempting to re-enter the race & getting T-boned, do not try to punch the other dude while he’s still wearing his helmet. Watching all this transpire down below, someone remarked, “We went to a car race and a hockey game broke out!”

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