August 03, 2006

Adobe flashes San Jose

Dang… who said Adobe HQ & San Jose could be cool? According to this press release, the company is due to unveil a huge LED sculpture early next week. Evidently multimedia artist Ben Rubin (creator of grooviness like Listening Post) has been commissioned to light up the SJ skyline:

“Located within the top floors of Adobe’s Almaden Tower headquarters, Semaphore consists of four ten-foot wide illuminated disks composed of 24,000 Luxeon® LEDs donated by Philips Lumileds in San Jose… The giant illuminated disks rotate to a new position every eight seconds and pulse out a message using a visual coding system that is intended to be deciphered. An online audio broadcast will provide a soundtrack of spoken and sung letters, numbers and musical tones that may help decode the message.”

Wow. The Adobe building is quite nice, but it’s a bit on the cold side (former Macromedians said it “looks like a bank“). And as for San Jose… Feh. But now, it’s like my teammate/neighbor Hughes said: “SJ Grand Prix?!…art festival?!…what’s going on around here!? I signed up for strip malls, traffic and urban sprawl…no one said anything about culture!”
I can’t wait to see the work, and I’ll pass along photos when they’re available. I just wonder whether we could get Jenny Holzer to be a guest artist. Now that would be edgy…
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Photoshop Action Pack 3.0 now available

Photographer and author Ben Long has released version 3.0 of his Photoshop Action Pack, leveraging Automator & AppleScript on Mac OS X. v3 includes 11 new actions – Add Layer, Add Empty Adjustment Layer, Add Graphic Watermark, Channel Mixer, Duplicate Current Layer, Paint Daubs, Photo Filter, Resize to File Size, Scale to X by 10%, Swap Colors, Exposure, and Reduce Noise – while improving batch processing with Camera Raw. If you like the scripts and find them useful, please kick Ben some bucks through his online tip jar.

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Photos from Underground

As a kid I loved the books of David Macaulay (Castle, Pyramid, etc.), and his Underground opened my eyes to hidden worlds that lie deep beneath city streets. Now photographer Joe Nishizawa reveals the huge, otherworldly spaces below Tokyo in this photo essay for PingMag. Additional images are available on Joe’s site.
In a similar vein, I used to love visiting the captured U-505 submarine on display in Chicago, and now a Russian photographer reveals the subterranean world of a former Soviet submarine pen. [Via]
Ostensibly related:

  • If all the underground/undersea imagery gets you down, clear your palette with some beautiful Atmospheric Optics [Via David Metzger]
  • On the Russian front, an illustrator has interpreted modern movies as Russian folk art [Via]
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