August 11, 2006

Groovy Photoshop brushes & rendering techniques

  • Designer Jason Gaylor has created a handy, stylish set of Fresh Foliage Brushes (Vol. II) for Photoshop. If those are up your alley, see also Vol. I of the same set, as well as Jason’s graffiti brushes and worn brushes (Volumes I, II, and III). [Via] (For more on worn brushes & distressing images, see previous entry.)
  • Putting brushes into action, automotive designer Jonathan Tatum shares some of his moves. Seeing details pop into existence from step to step suggests a big equation with “And then a miracle occurs” hidden among the steps. (For more on automobile rendering, see also Kevin Hulsey’s techniques.)
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  • Pimp My Pigeon: GPS birds over San Jose

    “This is the strangest life I’ve ever known…”
    First the Onion’s parody of razor featuritis becomes reality; then San Jose starts getting kind of cool; and now the digitally instrumented pigeon concept has come to pass. According to C|NET,

    “Several pigeons, equipped with pollution measurement and GPS devices, were released at the ZeroOne Festival in San Jose, Calif., on Aug. 8. The birds… will be feeding data to the site via SMS. The data provides the location, carbon-monoxide levels and identification for each bird.”

    Full, insane details at the PigeonBlog. (And if the pigeons start actually blogging, I’m headed to a shack in Montana…)
    PS–Hopefully the birds will not be immolated by large, fire-breathing machines set to prowl the city tonight. Curiouser & curiouser.

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