August 15, 2006

Mo’ fresh type

  • I love the old-school poster art quality of these new Toyota ads. (And if you like that style & have a bun in the oven, pay a visit to Rattle-n-Roll.)
  • Who would commit the lyrics of LL Cool J to gouache & watercolor? Ray Fenwick would, among many other things. See also his great Flickr collection. [Via]
  • BibliOdyssey displays some gorgeous Arabic zoomorphic calligraphy. The entry links to numerous related resources & examples.
  • Misprinted Type offers a variety of free & commercial distressed type. (I might have to crack the wallet for Great Circus). [Via]
  • If the graffiti thing is up your alley (or under your graffiti bridge), check out the work of Hand Selecta.
  • Launched in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the typeface, Helvetica is “a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture.” I think I’d sneak into this one wearing a trenchcoat and shades, lest my true design-dorkishness show through. [Via]
  • On Daily Type, a group of Russian type designers post sketches of their latest works-in-progress. I like the kind of hand-drawn, back-of-Trapper-Keeper “Van Halen Rulez!!” quality of many of the pieces.
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Destroy your property value, the Photoshop way!

Now, here’s the flipside to the relentless pursuit of aesthetic perfection: take one pristine Victorian home, apply generous dodging & burning, and you’ll get something fit for Norman Bates’ mom. Sébastien Gaucher offers a nice little set of tutorials on his site, along with other examples of his work. (The sad thing for Bay Area residents is to realize that even the mauled “after” versions of each house would still set you back a few million bucks around here…)

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