September 29, 2006

Visual Trickery, Vol. III

  • Bad Maggie, no biscuit: The Mighty Illusions blog features two takes on Margaret Thatcher’s face, highlighting the way our brains interpret shapes differently based on orientation and context. (Try scrolling the page slowly, so that you see only the first pair of images before looking at the second, inverted pair.) [Via]
  • Artist Harvey Opgenorth does “Museum Camouflage,” placing himself in front of well known pieces of art, using thrift-store salvage to blend into them. [Via] He shares some theory on it here. (Reminds me of that wallpaper shirt from Garden State.)

[See previous I and II.]

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Crazy umbrella-cam/Flickr browser

I’ve mentioned some unusual cameras before, but this one takes a Special Jury Prize for Weirdness: The Pileus System is a functioning umbrella that can also capture still images and video, upload them to Flickr, and project other users’ creations onto the umbrella’s skin. Uploads are automatic, and twisting the grip browses Flickr and YouTube for related tags.
Marginally related: is an art project that links umbrellas via Bluetooth, making them light up in one another’s presence. And the iBrella consists of “a Pic Microcontroller, a 2-Axis Accelerometer, Hall-Effect Sensors and a Gyroscope”–all so that you can gesture wildly and thereby control your iPod.

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