September 30, 2006

I {Heart} Pixel Art

David Pogue in the NY Times recently posted links to a number of great examples of pixel art:

  • I Love Pixel has created an enormous seafront community.
  • Supertotto says “Make Pixels Not War” and blows up some Photoshop 1.0 icons to (mini-)museum size.
  • Pixel Joint is a community site for pixel artists & hosts a wealth of links to tutorials, artists, and more.
  • And, as always, there’s the excellent crew at eboy, who’ve recently created portraits of the Google guys.

Elsewhere, is devoted to pimping Mario Karts on Nintendo DS’s & will design artwork on commission. [Via] And meanwhile citizens of Taiwan are protesting their government through this virtual sit-in.
Slightly related: I love the line art in Röyksopp’s “Remind Me” video, and though it’s not pixel art, I like Adam Simpson’s bleak little isometric city. And posted previously, here’s how to draw a pixel portrait tutorial.

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