October 04, 2006

Lucha Loco; Bomber Boneyards

  • What blanco niño doesn’t like to to don a rasslin’ mask and live the life of a luchador? (Call me El Tryptophan, master of the sleeper hold.) Er, maybe it’s a Jack Black/Jack Nack thing. In any case, Lucha Loco is a set of more than 120 portraits of masked Mexican wrestlers, complete with biographical bits. (“I teach Tae Kwan-Do. I’m black-belt. And I’m also in sales,” says Dr. Muerte. See also Super Porky and others in the gallery.) [Via]

    For more lucha goodness, check out these pix from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema (viva El Santo!).
  • Night photographer Troy Paiva (aka Lost America) has posted a beautiful gallery of shots taken at an airplane boneyard at El Mirage Dry Lake. Joe Reifer has another good set from the same spot.
    Meanwhile TerraServer hosts a satellite photo of the place the AMARC boneyard. [Via] And Flickr features a photoset of a derelict communication outpost, remnants of the Cold War DEW Line. [Via]
  • Okay, this has nothing to do with anything besides pointy metal things flying through the air, but FYI in case you’re planning to judge any javelin competitions: you may want to wear some sturdy insteps.
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lol i can yoose photoshop

What’s more fun and (amazingly) even less productive than screwing around in Wikipedia all day? Screwing around in Uncyclopedia! This parody of Wikipedia has an excellent take on “Photoshop or, as they want you to call it, Adobe® Photoshop® Image® Enhancement® Creation® Software®” (gah!). Among the bits:

A huge advantage was the simplistic and easy-to-grasp feature set — essentially, anything you would ever want to do graphically is about a single mouse-click away. You could easily undertake even the most challenging task and your workflow would be so smooth and processes so intuitive that you would actually *gain* time at the end of your project!

>;-) And do mind those Murphy’s Laws of Photoshop Phoniness. [Via Mark Hamburg]

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