October 15, 2006

The "Adobe Mouse": half price, now does Windows

Earlier this year Logitech announced the NuLOOQ Navigator (crazy name, cool device), a button/dial combo that’s designed to sit in your non-dominant hand (i.e. the one you aren’t mousing/drawing with) and provide quick access to tools, zooming, panning, and more.  There are some brief video overviews on the product site, showing how you can bring up a little on-screen tool dial that’s context-aware (displaying options relevant to the app & tool you’re using at the moment).

Now they’ve made the product much more affordable (chopping the price to $79.99) and made the product compatible with Windows while adding support for a number of additional apps (iTunes, iMovie, etc.). These moves make the device much more of an impulse buy, and I hope it sells like hotcakes (er, Krispy Kremes, or Tickle Me Senseless Elmo, or whatever people are buying like mad these days).

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Win a Photoshop User Award, fly to Rome

Want a free trip to Rome?  If you win Best in Show in the Photoshop User Awards, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals will send you on just that.  According to site, "The Best of Show winner will go on assignment for Photoshop User magazine to Rome, Italy to create a cover image for the magazine. Photoshop User will provide round-trip airfare for the winner, and an assistant of their choice, along with hotel accommodations, hotel transfers, and daily expenses. The cover they create will be used on the cover of Photoshop User magazine."  Other good loot goes to winners of the 11 categories.

Sweetness.  Check out the full details (categories, rules, etc.) in the press release.

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