October 19, 2006

Show your photos in NYC via Lightroom

Adobe is showcasing photographers’ work via the Lightroom Tell Your Story page. Galleries created using the Lightroom beta will be on display at the PhotoPlus Expo show in New York in early November, so if you’re interested in showing your work, feel free to jump in. [Via]

By the way, the team released Lightroom Beta 4.1 today.  According to Tom Hogarty, the Lightroom Product Manager, this small update:

  • Resolves external editor conflict
  • Corrects export orientation for constrained portrait images
  • Resolves missing image error with large web galleries
  • Provides Photo Binder platform compatibility on optical media

Please see the release notes for a full list of updates and corrections.

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Photoshop shortcut o’ the day

Heh–you know you’re working on a mature application when you start running out of keyboard shortcut combos.  Earlier today we were discussing shortcuts that would work for something that’s in development.  We settled on a four-key combo (one of those Shift-Opt-Cmd-Letter deals), which let to this exchange:

  • Bryan O’Neil Hughes: "Ugh, it beats no shortcut at all…but it isn’t too far removed from just
    banging one’s head against the keyboard."
  • Joe Ault: "BangHeadAgainstKeyboard is already taken, but I think
    Ctrl-Shift-BangHeadAgainstKeyboard is available…"

We will henceforth work on a forehead-USB interface. ;-)

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Liquid Sculpture, Touchdown Jesus, & more

  • Martin Waugh produces gorgeous images of fluids in motion–something he calls Liquid Sculpture.  As you’d expect, creating the images depends on high-speed photography.  Related: Marc Pawliger points out the 10-nanosecond exposures needed to capture nuclear fireballs.
  • ┬┐Donde esta la biblioteca? Right here, in a series of beautiful photos.[Via]  Some of the shots could have benefitted from HDR, and it’s too bad they don’t include pix of the rad new Seattle Public Library (or maybe ND’s Touchdown Jesus). Still, it’s a great collection.
  • "This seems more like a John Nack item…" writes John Dowdell, and so it is, but I’ve been delayed in posting it (dang actual job slowing me down): Little People is "a tiny street art project" that leaves tiny figures around London. [Via]  It makes me think of the miniature food sculptures of French pastry chef/photographer team Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle.  For my part, I used to carry around a GI Joe head that I’d photograph in all kinds of situations (say, the middle of Death Valley).  I named him Sgt. Goldbug, after the little Richard Scarry creation who’d hide somewhere on every page.
  • Speaking of food, Worth1000 features some deeply unappetizing Photoshop food mash-ups.  (Of course, these are not quite as nauseating as that McDLT ad with Jason Alexander.)
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Turning Japanese: Lightroom gets localized

Some months back, an enthusiastic Lightroom user couldn’t wait for Adobe to create a localized version of the application, so he or she did the translations him- or herself.  Admirable as the effort was, I’m happy to report that there’s now an official Japanese build of Lightroom available for download, and the Adobe Japan team has posted a wealth of screenshots and overviews.

In other Lightroom-related news, Ben Long has posted a great intro for getting started in Lightroom.  Grab the latest beta (if you haven’t already) to follow along.

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Tasty 3D business

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