October 25, 2006

Photoshop mobile authoring sneak, more

At risk of swamping you with MAX coverage, I wanted to pass along a bit more info.  Jen deHaan has posted in-depth coverage of the Day 2 keynote, and Matt Woodward offers complementary coverage (PDF). Jen’s notes mention some new hooks for doing mobile authoring from Photoshop:

  • Using Photoshop.next, Bill has Café Townsend open. Before he hands it over to the developer, he wants to make sure the design looks correct.
  • In Photoshop, he selects "Save for Web and Devices."
  • He clicks the button at bottom to preview content, and it opens mobile emulator — a newer version of mobile emulator that we’re working on. Making sure that image size, display, alignment is OK for the designer. Can check that it works on a variety of devices. You can change things like brightness, make sure that the contrast is OK when the phone is indoors, outdoors, etc.

This, like the Photoshop/Dreamweaver and Photoshop/Flash integration shown yesterday, elicited spontaneous applause from the crowd–always music to a product manager’s ears. :-)

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New Photoshop-Dreamweaver integration previewed

During yesterday’s MAX keynote, Flash evangelist Greg Rewis gave a sneak preview of some integration we’re planning between Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

In numerous visits to Web shops, designers made it clear that instead of always exporting a whole Photoshop file to the Web, they’d often like to grab just a chunk of it and drop it into an HTML composition.  Greg showed that in a future version of Dreamweaver, it’ll be possible to copy a chunk of data from Photoshop, paste it into Dreamweaver, and have the built-in Fireworks optimization engine pop up with compression options.  Better still, Photoshop passed along enough info that DW knows the location of the source PSD & can tell PS to re-open that file.

Jen deHaan has posted an excellent, detailed write-up of the keynote, including info on Fireworks improvements (e.g. the much requested better PSD import); the After Effects "puppeting" demo; the new Soundbooth application (more on that soon); and much more. Flashmagazine offers good coverage with photos. [Via]

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$100,000,000 in seed money for Apollo developers

During a packed keynote address at Adobe MAX yesterday, the company made a rather interesting announcement: according to (and buried in) the press release, "Adobe also plans to invest approximately $100 million in venture capital over the next 3-5 years in companies leveraging Adobe platform technologies, particularly companies delivering applications via Apollo, as part of Adobe’s commitment to building an ecosystem for the Adobe® Engagement Platform."

Tschka-tschka-ehWHAT?  As they say in Congress, "$100M here, $100M there–pretty soon you’re talking about real money."  I wasn’t hired for my math skills (at heart, I remain a simple unfrozen caveman Web designer), but this kind of money strikes me as a huge vote of confidence in the platform & the developer community around it.

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My podcast on Apple-Adobe relations, more

Last week a group of Mac developers–Rich Siegel of Bare Bones, Jayson Adams of Circus Ponies, and  Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba, and I–sat down (virtually) with Chuck Joiner of MacVoices.  We discussed the state of software development on the Mac, as well as the future of the platform, hosted apps, and more.  You can hear the hour-long podcast here.  (For the impatient: my comments largely boil down to "Lots of work is ongoing, but on the whole, things are all good.")

[On a slightly related note, Apple announced these fire-breathing bad boys yesterday. My 17″ is on its way! (Laptop-induced scoliosis, schmoliosis. Come to JNack…)]

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