October 29, 2006

3D: Sketching in space; Potato gun in PDF; &c.

  • The team at Front Design (see previous) demonstrate in this video how they sketch freely in the air using nothing more than a pen, while a system of cameras captures the strokes in 3D space.  From there a laser solidifies liquid plastic layer by layer.  Ultimately the finished piece of furniture rises from the molten bath T2-style.  Wicked. [Via]
  • The crew at Make Magazine uses the 3D capabilities of Adobe Reader to good effect in their most recent issue, using PDF to display a 3D representation of the "spud gun" they describe building.  (If you haven’t updated Reader in a while, this might be a good time to grab the new version 8.0 [Update–Whoops, not quite yet; but the current 7.0.8 will do the trick].) [Via]
  • The ZScanner 700 describes itself as "the first self-positioning, real-time surfacing, 3D laser scanner."  Translation: for about $40k you can walk around any object, scanning it in real time, sucking the results into your laptop via FireWire. [Via]
Posted by John Nack at 11:03 AM on October 29, 2006


  • Karl Heinz Kremer — 4:26 PM on October 29, 2006

    Stop teasing us… Just because you work for Adobe and have access to all the latest toys does not mean that we can download Acrobat or Adobe Reader 8 yet. I did however look at the Make Magazine document. Even though I have a job that revolves around PDF, I’ve never before seen a “real” 3D (one that was not just a sample). The spud gun PDF is pretty cool. Thanks for the link.
    [Ah, crap–totally sloppy of me! I should have checked to see what’s on the site. Acrobat 8 has been announced, but the updated Reader mustn’t be available yet. In any case you can view the 3D through version 7.0.7 or higher. –J.]

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