November 02, 2006

Scrybe: Impressive Flash-based RIA

Scrybe, described by C|NET’s Rafe Needleman as the "demo of the gods," is a forthcoming Flash-based rich internet application that promises to handle calendar tasks, manage to-do lists, and gather Web clippings. I haven’t gotten to try the service myself (the site is accepting applications for private beta testing, just begun), but the 7-minute video demo (at links above) is damn impressive.  Rafe has posted a review:

"It’s like using a Macintosh: these UI cues make it much easier for your brain to follow what your hands are doing with your mouse… The other huge benefit: Scrybe works offline. I’ll say that again: It’s a Web application, but when you’re not online, it still works. You can view your calendar, add things, move items around, print and so on. This shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is, since other online applications don’t work at all when they’re not connected. When Scrybe goes online, it synchronizes the data from your local machine to the Web."

I’m most intrigued by the thoughtful little innovations that seem to be spread throughout the app–multiple time zone management; easy printing of compact, foldable calendars; one-click gathering of Web clippings; and more.  I think that it, along with other forthcoming Flash-based RIAs I’ve gotten to preview (more news soon), will really start to redefine the world’s understanding of what the Adobe Engagement Platform can do.

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Adobe Color Mangement Module now on Labs

The Adobe Color Mangement Module (CMM) is now available on Adobe Labs for community review and testing.  So, what is this thing?  In a nutshell, it’s the color converter part of the Adobe Color Engine (ACE), transformed into a library that can be used by non-Adobe apps.  The upshot is that you can use a single color management engine across your workflow, enabling more consistent display and output of colors.

ACE is built into Adobe products and therefore can’t be used by non-Adobe products (Quark, etc.). This project takes a chunk of ACE (the color conversion engine) and packages it for use by applications that support external color management modules (using ColorSync on the Mac OS and ICM2/WCS on Windows).  In-house color ninja Peter Constable adds, "Adobe hopes users will find the Adobe CMM a useful tool to
enable consistent, reliable, and accurate color in all parts of their color

If the CMM sounds useful to you, please grab a copy, kick the tires, and let us know what you think.  A dedicated discussion forum should pop up on Labs in another two weeks.

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