November 11, 2006

More rockin’ Photoshop brushes

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Photographic sculptures, giant graffiti, & more

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Panoramas: Cubism, Holgas, and DIY planets

  • "Holga Cubism": Susan Bowen is a fine art photographer who creates panoramic collages using a cheap plastic Holga camera.  She writes, "The long overlapping images are created by only partially advancing the film between exposures – the overlapping occurs in the film itself. It delights me how well these mostly unplanned juxtapositions capture my experience of a particular time and place and at the same time have an identity all their own."   Check it out. [Via]
  • Danish photographer Hans Nyberg took a series of panoramas at Photokina , including a pair showing the Adobe booth
    He reports, "For fast action panoramas we shoot 3 or 4 images with a fisheye.
    Many of us use the Canon 5D today with a Nikkor 10.5mm fisheye (with an adapter).
    They are stitched with software like PTGui." Here are some more.
  • Photojojo (no relation, we presume) has a fun tutorial on How to Create Your Own Planets Using Your Panoramas. [Via]
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