November 13, 2006

10.4.8 boosts Photoshop 35% on Mactel

Apple’s recently released 10.4.8 system update includes a number of enhancements to the Rosetta processor emulation technology.  Now Macworld’s benchmarks add some specifics, reporting a roughly ~35% improvement running Photoshop CS2 on Intel-based Mac systems.

This is pretty great news.  I mean, when’s the last time you got a free update that made your machine 35% faster at something?  Our engineering and QE folks worked closely with Apple as the new code was developed, testing frequent drops for compatibility and performance.  (See, it’s knowing/doing this kind of thing that makes me flip out when people start making up nonsense.)

Now, obviously–obviously–the preferred solution is to get Photoshop & other PPC apps to run natively on Mactel ASAP, and of course we continue to work hard on that front.  (Just figured I’d spare anyone the trouble of writing "Git-r-done!!" or words to that effect. ;-))  In the meantime, it’s great to see Rosetta making strides to let people be more productive on these new systems.

[Update: Mike Downey reports that Flash 8 runs roughly 10% faster due to the update, and Steve Kilisky says that After Effects can run up to 15% faster.]

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New Photoshop training videos

  • Photographer and workflow expert Peter Krogh has created new video training that addresses Adobe Camera Raw, DNG, Bridge, and Peter’s RapidFixer extension for Bridge, as well as interfacing with iView Media Pro and more.
  • As Help Desk Director for NAPP, Pete Bauer has heard just about every Photoshop question a dozen times. Maybe for the sake of his sanity, he’s committed the answers to the Photoshop CS2 FAQs for–a set of 120 or so short movies that address each common question.
  • Speaking of Lynda, they’ve added Deke McClelland to their stable of talent.
  • In conjunction with the Creative Suite 2.3 and Acrobat 8 launch, the folks at Total Training offer new training in high definition.
  • The Online Photographer has posted a review of Bruce Fraser’s Real World Sharpening in Photoshop CS2.  (I’m kind of fascinated by this trend in specialized publishing.  Could there be a Real World Open Dialog coming soon? ;-))
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