November 23, 2006

Pleasures of the Flesh… with Toast

Clearly the smell of slow-cooking turkey meat wafting down the hall is getting to me, and soon enough I’ll give this laptop a much-deserved break.  But before that, here’s a wee cornucopia of hopefully interesting bits:

And with that, I wish you good eating, good health, & a day free from turkey frying disasters. [Via] Happy Thanksgiving!

–El Tryptophan

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Adobe open-sources Web gallery code

A few months back I mentioned that Adobe has been working on a system to enable rich Flash- and HTML-based Web galleries to be created from Adobe apps.  That engine is currently available in Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Lightroom, and I’m happy to report that the underlying ActionScript code is now available as an open-source project. The galleries (see examples) are rather deceptively simple, but the underlying code supports good stuff like dynamic resizing, user-configurable high/low bandwidth states, multi-resolution files, and more. [Via]

If you just want to start generating slick Flash galleries from Photoshop CS2, check out Felix Turner’s sweet PostcardViewer hook-up (see example output), as well as the ones that ship with Photoshop.

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"’Shopped, not Stirred"

Growing up, I clipped a newspaper’s list of all the James Bond films to date, keeping the yellowing paper taped to our refrigerator until I’d seen & checked off every one. So as you’d imagine, it was kind of a thrill when, during the new Casino Royale last week, one of the characters said, "It’s amazing what you can do with Photoshop these days."  Hot damn!  And apparently I wasn’t hallucinating, as Digit Magazine has taken note. [Via] [Update: The Bond films’ classic intro sequences are here. [Via]]

‘Tis the season for Photoshop making cameos, it seems.  Photoshop engineer Russell Williams writes, "Last week’s CSI featured a murderer who’s a news photographer who kills to
hide the fact that he’s composited his Iraq war pictures with Photoshop. At
one point the police officer questioning him says something to the effect
that ‘I’m surprised an adrenaline junkie like you would want to waste his
time with Photoshop.’"  (What, the clone tool isn’t adrenaline-packed…?)  Our PR folks report that the app popped up recently in Two And A Half Men as well as Desperate Housewives.  And The Daily Show continues to rock out, even featuring a montage of 10 years of P’shopped photos–now sadly yanked off YouTube.

We have in fact visited folks in Hollywood and talked about Photoshop’s role in their work & the stories they tell, but as far as I know these mentions are purely organic.


PS–Much to her delight/chagrin, I think I’ll now start referring to my wife as Pixels Galore. ;-)

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