November 30, 2006

Kicking the Tires: Photoshop rendering tutorials

My fellow Photoshop PM Ashley Still interacts with customers using Photoshop in vertical markets (engineering, healthcare, etc.) and has turned up some good resources on using the app in automotive, industrial, and clothing design:

On a slightly related note, Michael Halbert is one talented motherscratcher, offering a wealth of tutorials (including good videos) on achieving a traditional scratchboard look. [Via].  He’s also featured in the Print Gallery.

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Zombies, Communism, & other illustrated goodness

  • I’m a fan of both Constructivism & retro-ironic propaganda (think Chinese military ballet), so I dig seeing this collection of Soviet Photomontages 1917-1953.  See also Soviet carpet propaganda. (Doesn’t it seem a little weird to encourage walking all over your icons?). [Via]
  • Think your colleagues are zombies? will illustrate your point for just $85. [Via]
  • Talk about mudflaps, my rickshaw’s got ’em…  Okay, I have no truck, much less a rickshaw, but if I did I’d be tempted to pimp it with beautifully illustrated Bollywood mudflaps. [Via]
  • Flags of our Clients shows what happens when you’re too attentive to feedback on your illustrations–in this case, flags of the world.
  • Computer Arts discusses the digital illustration revolution. Memorable quote (from 1992): "John Warwicker, Creative Director of design collective Tomato, said without even a trace of irony: ‘I can envisage a time when we’ll all need our own individual Macs.’" [Via]
  • Illustration Friday has an interview with illustrator Anita Kunz, showing some of her great images.
  • Alberto Cerriteño does straight-up gorgeous work. [Via]
  • Creating optical illusions in a room is one thing, but can you make your room look like a cartoon? [Via]
  • I haven’t tried Akvis Sketch, but the new version of this Photoshop plug-in promises to convert your images to sketches quickly and easily. [Via]
  • Gene Gable has posted a collection of lovely vintage map art in his column.  (Sadly, nowhere be monsters.)

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