December 14, 2006

Great Photoshop CS3 beta resources

All kinds of excellent resources are popping up with details, videos, and more coverage of the Photoshop CS3 beta. I plan to keep updating this list as I find good bits.  I’ve also created a new "Photoshop CS3 Beta" category that should help you track related info.

  • The crew at Photoshop User have really knocked themselves out with the PSCS3 Beta Preview Learning Center.  The site includes Scott Kelby’s 10 Favorite Features; videos for the Bridge loupe tool & stacks; an interview with yours truly; and much more.
  • Adobe’s resident mad scientist Russell Brown has taken the wraps off his first set of new videos.
  • At I chat at some length with Jeff Schewe about all things CS3 (what’s new in Bridge, what’s new in the Photoshop UI, and etc.). Jeff has also posted the official FAQ in HTML form.
  • provides excellent coverage: Jim Dalrymple’s got an intro, and in this video* I talk to Jason Snell about what’s new in CS3, after which Jason demonstrates Quick Selection, Smart Filters, Zoomify export, and more.  Elsewhere on the site, Philip Michaels presents a podcast in which he talks to editors Ben Long, Kelly Turner, and Jackie Dove about performance on Intel-based Macs & much more. [Update: Ben’s first look is here.]
  • Martin Evening has updated his popular Photoshop for Photographers with a 21-page PDF that covers the new release from a pro photographer’s point of view.
  • The link may not yet be live, but plans to unleash a torrent of training videos shortly.
  • At Ars Technica Dave Girard posts an intro in which he says, "Despite its beta status, it has heaping portions of snappy." (We’re bringin’ Snappyback, yeaah.)
  • Photoshop co-architect Scott Byer shares his perspective.  Regarding making PS a Universal Binary he says, "It really did take that much effort, and it really wasn’t ready until recently." [Via]
  • Former Illustrator PM/full-time vector mensch Mordy Golding covers the release in a special edition of his PEN podcast.
  • Adobe’s Technical Resources Manager Terry White provides a first look for Layers Magazine, demonstrating the new Vanishing Point, among other features.
  • Colin Smith goes into all kinds of detail at PhotoshopCafe.

I’m sure I’m missing some good stuff (it’s flowing fast and furious!), so please feel free to pass along additional links via the comments. [Update: See also Round 2.]

*Sick of me yet?? I feel like I’m becoming the Rachel Ray of PMs: chatty and overexposed... ;-)

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Announcing the Photoshop CS3 Beta

"Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid." – Goethe

I could not be more delighted to announce that Adobe is making the beta release of Photoshop CS3 available for download via Adobe Labs.  (In fact, I’ve been bouncing off the walls since 4am, waiting to share the news.)  This has been a major effort for a lot of folks at Adobe, but we felt passionately that it’s the right thing to do for our customers.  By the time this is posted, details should be available in the Adobe press room, along with the official FAQ.

In a nutshell, the beta of Photoshop CS3 will be posted on Labs & made available for download in the next 24 hours.  It’s for Mac and Windows, and it runs (er, screams) natively on the latest Intel hardware. I’ll be posting plenty of details & videos over the days and weeks ahead.

As luck would have it, I’m meeting with the press in LA today and won’t be online until this evening.  In the meantime, I expect tons of good info to be available from, PhotoshopNews,, Macworld, and many other outlets. (I’ll update links as they appear.)

Anyway, I hope you’re even half as excited as we are.  This is a big day for Adobe & a big first in the way we handle our flagship applications, but extraordinary times called for extraordinary measures.

[Update: If you’re having serial number-related problems, please read this post.]

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Photos of Adobe at night

Photoshop engineer Chris Bailey says he was killing time recently, installing Linux on a bunch of Adobe servers, and snapped some cool shots of the Adobe San Jose courtyard/basketball court/bocce ball enclave. (And as with all things Flickr, if you’re visiting through Safari, you owe it to yourself to download the free, cinematic PicLens viewer.) Chris also captured some time-lapse shots of the ever-present, always slightly unnerving low-flying planes overhead.

For more shots of the friendly confines, see Jeff Schewe’s story, A Visit to Adobe.  And here’s the same courtyard from space.

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Bruce Fraser receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Photographer, Scotsman, color mangement guru, Pixel Genius, and friend to everyone in digital imaging (whether directly or through his work to improve the tools of our trade) Bruce Fraser has been honored with the first Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.  As one who’s experienced Bruce’s amazingly generous outlays of time and effort in helping guide Adobe and other companies towards the solutions customers really need, I can think of no one more deserving of this accolade.  Congrats, Bruce, from all your friends and admirers at Adobe.

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