December 15, 2006

Mo’ betta Photoshop CS3 resources

To the list of excellent content posted Thursday night, I’m pleased to add the following:

  • Author Deke McClelland has posted some 80 minutes of detailed videos (with exercise files) in’s Photoshop CS3 Beta One-on-One Preview.
  • Photographic workflow expert Peter Krogh has updated his excellent RapidFixer extension for Bridge & offers a new 20-minute video on how to integrate it into production.
  • offers a detailed, 2,000-word intro from AGI‘s Christopher & Jennifer Smith.
  • Ben Long is a busy man, posting a hands-on overview at Digit Online and a First Look for Macworld.
  • Photographer Uwe Steinmuller posts his CS3 intro, paying particular attention to the new Camera Raw & taking Zoomify for a spin.
  • Author/videoographer Richard Harrington says his CS3 podcast hit #1 in the iTunes software category today.  He hopes to update it every day, and his RSS feed is here.
  • Photographer Mark Galer has posted his first video podcast about CS3, with plans for more to come.
  • Amadou Diallo is posting his own set of videos to his photography blog.

I apologize if I’ve missed anyone (nothing personal at all–just tough to juggle in all the excitement!). As always, feel free to list your own finds in the comments.

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Photoshop CS3 Beta now live on Labs

Okay, folks–the Photoshop CS3 beta is now live on Adobe Labs, so have at it! Please note, however, that we’re experiencing some problems [see below] with the online serial number tool.  Our engineers are cranking away on it, but in the meantime some valid CS2 serials are not being accepted.  (We believe that the bulk of numbers are working correctly, but some clearly are not).

Sorry about the glitch, and thanks for your patience.  We hope to have it resolved soon, and in the meantime you can run the beta in tryout mode if you’d like.  I’m now headed over to the new CS3 beta forum on Labs to try to answer questions. 

[Update: We believe we’ve addressed the issue, so if you ran into a snag earlier today, please try again.  If you continue to experience problems, please let us know via the forum.  –Thanks, J.]

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Is the CS3b download ready? Not just yet.

I awoke to discover that people have been poking around Adobe servers and are now complaining that the site isn’t accepting their CS2 serial numbers.  There’s a reason for that: the site isn’t ready to go just yet, and we’ll post an announcement when it is. So, while the interest in downloading the new beta is encouraging, I hope people can chill for a little while.

For the record, yes, we do intend to accept education serial numbers. Pretty much any copy of Photoshop CS2 (whether stand-alone or in a Suite, full or upgrade, education or retail, English or non-English, volume licensing or otherwise) will qualify. We don’t want to leave anyone out.

I’ll post an upate when the beta really is ready for download. [Update: The site is now live, but please see above for info on the serial number problem we’re currently experiencing.]

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