December 06, 2006

Dreamweaver will chop off your hand…

…if you’re on the DW team and break their build, that is! Engineering and QE would be nowhere without a little hazing, and it seems that each team has its own rituals for dealing with folks who make code changes that screw up the project (i.e., break the daily product build). Unfortunate Photoshop engineers are sometimes known to have a stuffed Space Monkey hanging, albatross-like, from their office doors. The Dreamweaver team is sharper edged, though, and in this video from team member Dominic Sagolla, we see what happens to codebreakers in their world (in this case, newly minted PM Kenneth Berger).

Posted by John Nack at 7:26 AM on December 06, 2006


  • Ben Forta — 7:46 AM on December 06, 2006

    John, the ColdFusion team has the best solution, whoever breaks the build is the designated beer-boy. Makes for a nice win-win. ;-)
    — Ben
    [Excellent idea, Ben! That would fit in well with our team, where the program managers just walked the halls gathereing money for charity in exchange for shots of Don Julio. (Yeah, I’m probably telling tales out of school, so to speak, but it was all for a good cause–the charity, I mean! :-)) –J.]

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