December 04, 2006

Excellent Worth1000 Photoshoppery

  • As kid I loved Wacky Packages, the little 70’s-era goofs on popular brands of the times.  Now the crew at grabs that baton, mashing up classics with commerce in these Fine Art Ads. [Via]
  • Along somewhat similar lines, Kasper Hauser’s Sky Maul is a pretty darn funny compendium of "Happy Crap You Can Buy from a Plane." [Via]
  • I love this take on Escher as a child–hilarious and kind of heartbreaking all at once.  ("Don’t let the bastards grind you down…")
  • Elsewhere the site features good critter-hacking: Evolution Gone Wild, and some rather excellent Cybernetic Animals.
  • It’s deeply, deeply nasty–to the point where I didn’t scroll too far–but the "That’s Not Turkey!" gallery may make you grateful for what you didn’t eat on Thanksgiving.
  • Oh, and if that’s not quite disturbing enough, how about a meat chess board, or meat body suit? Rare is the new black, I’m told.
Posted by John Nack at 6:39 AM on December 04, 2006


  • Rafael Tinelli — 12:32 PM on December 12, 2006

    All right Mr. Nack, talking about funny stuff on Adobe!
    If you do have a little extra time check out my humble work with photoshop at
    Thank you for bringing us such great material!
    [Thanks for sharing the link, Rafael, and for checking out the site. –J.]

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