December 18, 2006

Photoshop CS3: 100,000 downloads & counting

[Cue the Dire Straits: "I waant... my... Cee... Ess... Three..."]

Wow… We figured people would be interested in the Photoshop CS3 beta, but the response has been overwhelming: well over 100,000 downloads in the first 72 hours.  (And that’s just from Adobe Labs, not sites like that are hosting the bits.)  Amazing!  Thanks to everyone who’s been participating.  As always, you can download the software here, get a beta serial number here [Update: fixed link], and discuss the beta here.

In honor of the occasion–and really, what else could one do?–I felt compelled to create & throw up an Adobe gang sign. Word. :-)

[Update: As of Thursday afternoon (roughly six days into the beta), the number was somewhere north of 180,000 downloads. And that's unique Adobe IDs, which should map pretty closely to individual customers. Wild!]

Posted by John Nack at 11:57 PM on December 18, 2006
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