January 01, 2007

Photography to welcome a new year

  • Milk’shroom: From Germany comes a terrific image of milk dropping into coffee. [Via]
  • Like perhaps millions of others, I’ve seen some of Steve McCurry‘s famous and arresting images, but like many I didn’t know his name.  I know it now, as the always-excellent blog The Online Photographer highlighted the arrival of Looking East, a book of Steve’s portraiture. Do be careful, though: his site contains a rich portfolio and could well suck you in for ages (and it did me). [Via]
  • Through T.O.P. I was reminded of the work of Jill Greenberg, whom they’ve named Photographer of the Year.  Her crying tots aren’t my cup of tea, but for whatever reason I really groove on her monkey portraits. See more of them here.
  • My own amateurish bits suffer by proximity, but the windy CA weather dropped a few groovy branches in our yard last night, and with a macro lens borrowed from the ‘Dobe, I had fun creating a few shots.  I’ve posted them (1, 2) via Zoomify, exported from CS3, as well so you can see the details. [Note: We’ll fix that "zoomed way out by default" bug soon, I promise.]
  • Someday, I’m afraid, you’ll read that I crashed and burned on Hwy 101 while transfixed by the comings & goings at Moffett Field, former home of the Navy’s lighter-than-air fleet.  In the meantime, the NYT is selling a beautiful print of a Zeppelin over Manhattan. On a related note, "Personal Blimp" refers not just to a product mgr. stuffed with HoneyBaked Ham (it was delicious) , but also to a small new airship being designed in Massachusetts. [Via]

Oh, and by the way, Happy New Year! :-)

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