January 06, 2007

New Lightroom magazine to launch

The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (the folks behind the excellent Photoshop User Magazine, Photoshop TV, and more) have announced Darkroom Magazine, a new title focusing on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.  Darkroom is due to be published 8 times a year, and editor Scott Kelby writes, "Here’s the best news: As a NAPP member, you’ll get each issue of this new magazine for free along with your regular Photoshop User magazine. The public will be able to buy a subscription to Darkroom, but only the downloadable online version—not the printed version."  I can’t wait to check it out.

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A tribute site for Bruce Fraser

Photographer Stephen Johnson has created BruceFraserLegacy.com, a Web site for gathering info about our departed friend.  Bruce’s wife Angela writes, "This site is a work in progress, so keep checking for new additions. If you feel you’d like to add something, please let Steve know (steve at sjphoto dot com)."  The site links to numerous photos, including some sparkling eclipses that Bruce captured.

If you happen to be attending MacWorld this week, you’re invited to attend a celebration Bruce’s legacy at an upbeat, inspirational multimedia event on Wednesday Jan. 10 (full details at PhotoshopNews.com).  Graham Nash and single-malt Scotch will be on hand.  I think Bruce would raise a glass in approval. :-)

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Microsoft gets stony; Kodak goes berserk

It’s alternately funny, sad, or both when companies struggle to play against type & redefine their brands.  During my first month at Adobe, I got a horrible sunburn as I stood for hours on a pier in San Francisco, passing out Razor scooters and "Splatterpunk" temporary tats to 13-year-olds at the X Games.  "And this will help LiveMotion succeed… how, exactly??," I thought as I slowly carbonized like a pig on a spit.  While Macromedia was releasing killer ads, Adobe was buying magazine spreads featuring a dude snowboarding down a volcano. Yeesh

Microsoft is now making some interesting efforts to redefine its image.  Last year saw the hilarious and dead-on "Microsoft iPod" self-parody video, and now they’re getting way out there with Clearification, a site chiefly featuring the brilliantly stony ramblings of Demitri Martin. Somehow, on some level, the site is theoretically related to Vista.  Somehow.  Anyway… [Via]  Elsewhere they’ve posted the slightly incomprehensible MsDewey.com (hey, the world loves attractive women) [Via], not to mention an online comic book about Office. [Via]

And now Kodak–evidently mad as hell & not going to take it anymore–has released "Winds of Change." In it a distinguished looking gentleman proceeds to flip out Howard Beale-style, going off about how the company isn’t "playing grab-ass anymore."  It’s kind of great, and judging from the number of times I’ve seen the link sent around this week, it’s doing that whole viral thing.
[Via Ben Long, Katrin Eismann, and others]

Slightly related: Slate ad critic Seth Stevenson slags the Intel Core 2 Duo ads: "[They] feature perhaps the least-hip hipsters I’ve ever seen. What are these people wearing? Denim culottes? Green velvet suit vests? A snap-brim hat with a feather in the band? They look like they’re in a high school ska band. Word of advice, Intel: Do not attempt to make computer processing chips cool. It’s a losing battle." (Hey now; you just need some toasted bunny suits…)

Ah, well; no one gets out alive. :-)  At the end of the day, at least none of us have assaulted U2 in the name of celebrating banking services.  (Excuse me while I go wash my brain…)

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