January 10, 2007

iPhone quip o’ the day, plus more from Macworld

From Victor Allen at Juxt Interactive: "I’m going to wait for the iPhone Shuffle. You just clip it to your ear and call people at random."  Hah!

Hopefully I’ll get to walk the floor at Macworld today. I’m excited that the new AirPort base station can hook up to a hard drive to enable wireless backup, though I’m annoyed that it evidently doesn’t support the Apple-developed (and JNack-purchased) Firewire standard. Adobe-wise at the show,

  • Russell Brown is showing good bits from Photoshop CS3 in the Adobe theater
  • Tim Brook notes that the company is now shipping Flex Builder for the Mac
  • Chad Siegel and I will be showing Photoshop CS3 beta and giving an InDesign CS3 sneak at the Apple store at 3pm today
  • Finally, I don’t know what all will be shown from the upcoming video Production Studio, but I caught a 20-minute demo from Bob Donlon yesterday, and I can tell you hands-down it was stupid cool. Apparently there will be some demos at the Adobe booth; I’ll try to post details on timing if possible. If you care about digital video at all, or just about beautifully integrated Mac software, you’ll want to check ’em out.
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Local Boy Does Good: Geoff’s image in PopPhoto

One of the nice things about working on Photoshop is that many people on the team enjoy using the software outside of work, especially for digital photography.  The hallways & office doors of West Tower 10 are filled with beautiful prints from folks in engineering, QE, localization, etc., and using the app as a customer provides great perspective while building it. 

Anyway, an image from Photoshop engineer Geoff Scott now appears in this month’s Popular Photography.  He explains, "Last May I went on a trip that’s put together by American Photo and Popular Photography magazines. The trips are called Mentor Series, because pro photographer come along to offer tips, critiques, and general goofiness." The organizers liked
one so much that they’re using it for the ads for the trip this year, and you can check it out here (cars streaking through Times Square).  Congrats, Geoff.

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