January 11, 2007

Design bits: 3D sketching, Airswitches, & more


  • "To what question is the answer a £68,000 Volkswagen?," quipped British journalist Jeremy Clarkson.  I have similar thoughts about the Mathmos Airswitch–a light that can be turned on/off and dimmed/brightened by the proximity of your hand.  Then again, it’s kind of cool for its own sake. [Via]
  • Designed by the same folks at two create, the 3D drawing pad looks pretty fly (tough to tell without using it, of course).
  • Nanda’s Clocky is an alarm clock that not only rings, but also runs and hides to force you to get up. [Via]
  • Forget Dogs Playing Poker; how about fish playing horns?   (And apparently someone decided that a fish does need a bicycle.)
  • Ten bucks gets you a set of plastic spoons that change color in your microwave when your food reaches 120F–kinda great, although Gizmodo foresees dire results. [Via]   The invention made me think of that unfortunate Genera Hypercolor clothing from the ’80s; Googling for it led me to discover temperature-sensitive Eclipse wall paint. (How does $349 per gallon grab you?)
  • Geostationary Banana Over Texas is, if nothing else, aptly named. The site’s navigation sucks, so here’s a photo.  (Speaking of bananas, how great are these Japanese juice boxes?) A bit closer to earth, if only in terms of practicality, C|NET talks about proposals for flying power generators; see images.

[* Non-Adobe. Some folks like the non-Adobe-heavy bits I post here, while others couldn’t care less.  Others, you’ll certainly want to skip this one. :-) For the record, I do think this stuff is relevant for this blog, as I view design+technology as inherently Adobe-related.]

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Photoshop, Premiere Pro named Best In Show

Hot damn!  The Photoshop CS3 beta, along with the just-announced Premiere Pro for Macintosh, have both been named "Best in Show" at the Macworld Expo.  On behalf of everyone who’s been cranking away on these apps, thanks, guys!

Macworld magazine has posted a video overview of this year’s 11 winners.  Kelly Turner talks about Photoshop at the 4-minute mark ("I love it!"), and Jackie Dove tackles Premiere Pro around 9:30.

Adobe’s Dave Helmly has been demoing some of the new video features at the show and reports "huge crowds & very positive response."  He’ll be back in action today
at 12:15pm and tomorrow at 10:15am.

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