January 12, 2007

Chemical Romance, Daahk Mattah, & More

  • Apple.com features the work of Harvard/MIT researcher Felice Frankel, showing how she uses Photoshop to depict the beauty in a chemical reaction (see animation).
  • In their continuing quest to blow my little Arts & Legos mind, scientists have unveiled a 3D map of dark matter (see larger image). [Via]  I had to smile on this one, remembering that the Photoshop CS1 was codenamed "Dark Matter."  In one of the early go/no go meetings, Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen–who is from Brooklyn & very much has the accent to prove it–joked, "I’d really like to thank you for picking a name with two ‘R’s in it.  Daahk Mattah…"
  • It’s not imaging-related, but the Celestron Sky Scout has been a huge hit at the Nack compound.  (I have it on good authority that I was recently hitched, but you wouldn’t know it on these cold, clear nights: la esposa keeps bailing on me to learn about the heavens courtesy of the Sky Scout!)
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Funky Faces of Flash

  • Monoface lets you mash up a design team’s faces, changing noses, eyes, etc.  The image sources are nicely edited, making for smoothly blended results. [Via]
  • Pictaps is a fun little Flash app that lets you sketch out a character, then make the tiny dude (or rather, an army of them) dance around like mad in a 3D world.  Dig the use of Flash 8 effects like blurring to add a sense of depth. [Via]
  • Roxik features Pictaps creator Masayuki Kido’s mug floating in 3D space, thoroughly creeping out my wife.
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