January 15, 2007

A new Contact Sheet script for Photoshop

Photoshop’s Contact Sheet plug-in is, to be charitable, a little long in the tooth.  Therefore scripter X Bytor has stepped into the breach with ContactSheetX, a script that’s freely downloadable from SourceForge & that works in CS2/3.  Among other things, the script supports page numbering, more flexible font selection, and the ability to use templates. Features, screenshots, and other details are in this PDF, and there’s a forum for asking questions & requesting enhancements. X thanks the photographers at The Icon and Warner Bros. for support and funding of this project.

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Genetic mutation named after Photoshop

Psst–read any good overviews of the Functions of the Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay Pathway in Drosophila Development lately?  (Yeah, who hasn’t, I know…)  I mention it because a mutant phenotype (specifically, a fluorescent protein in fruit flies) has now been nicknamed "photoshop" by researchers Mark Metzstein & Mark Krasnow.  ["Shouldn’t that be Adobe® Photoshop® software?" murmur a dozen voices in Adobe Legal. ;-) ]  They write, "We named this the ‘photoshop’ phenotype because it increased visualization of clones like that achieved by digital enhancement with Photoshop software (Adobe, http://www.adobe.com)."  [Ah, says Legal.]  As a highly nonsense-mediated individual, I say very cool, guys!

Surfing the Nodes of Ranvier,

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Russell Brown to show CS3 Tues. night at Adobe

Fresh off his jam-packed presentations at Macworld last week, Adobe’s own Russell Brown will be presenting the Photoshop CS3 beta tomorrow night, Jan. 16, at Adobe (map). As usual with these Photoshop User Group meetings, Pizza and drinks kick off at 6:30pm, and the presentation is due to start at 7pm.

If you plan to attend, please shoot an RSVP mail to Dan Clark (dan at weinberg-clark com) so that we can order the right amount of chow.
To park
underneath the Adobe building, use the Almaden Avenue entrance, under
the East Tower. If the security guard at the parking entrance asks for
an Adobe contact, use my name. Hope to see you there!

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