January 25, 2007

Mo’ betta tips for Photoshop type

Author & Photoshop TV personality Dave Cross shares a wealth of tips for working with text in Photoshop in a 10-page PDF on CreativePro.com.   The chapter (excerpted from Dave’s book) gives succinct answers to a variety of questions (how to fill type with a texture, how to insert a copyright symbol, when to update type layers, etc.) and should be worth printing out for future reference.

For more tips, see my 12 Tips for Photoshop Text, which Russell Brown demos & expands upon in this video.  For more type bits, see the Typography category of this blog.  And while I’ve got your ear:

  • Veer says, "Next time you have to explain kerning to a layman, you’ll have a live demo just a zip away"–and with the sweater they’re offering, they’re right.   Nice. :-)
  • CreativePro has also launched TypeTalk, a monthly Q&A on typography.  If you wonder things like which direction the apostrophe should face before "’70’s," for example–and yes, I do–the column should be a good read.
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