January 28, 2007

Shout-outs for Umlauts

Greetings from snowy Sweden (-9° C & loving it!).  I arrived last night with Caleb Belohlavek, a director on the Suite team, to start a series of visits with the press: nine cities in two weeks (gah!).  I want to keep this blog focused on Photoshop, photography, design, and the like, not making it into "As the Nack Turns."  That said, in case you see posts filed at 3am, or lighter posting until mid-February, you’ll know why. For some personal bits from the trip thus far, read on.

Stockholm is gorgeous ("the Venice of the North," they say), and from the moment we landed I was charmed to see an old Volvo 240 wagon soldiering on down the taxiway.  I’m having fun with the language–because hey, who doesn’t like a nice voiceless dorso-palatal velar fricative, not to mention A’s with stylish headwear?  I especially enjoy the process of inserting the word "kronor" into progressively more absurd contexts ("Oh man, I slept weird on the plane & now my kronor is out of whack…")–but that could be the jetlag talking.  By watching English-language shows with subtitles, I’ve picked up the words "funkinga" (“funky”; thanks, James Brown retrospective), "narko" (“dope,” via Deadwood clip), and "dog" ("dead," via WWII documentary).  Maybe I’ll pick up tips from some local bloggers; er, maybe not.

I got to walk around and take some snaps–at least until my cold camera started throwing an error message.  Not wanting a repeat of last year’s snafu, I stuffed the cam into my jacket, and later at the hotel I let my memory cards warm up at their own pace. Fortunately only one or two shots seem to be MIA, but I continue to doubt the robustness of digital cameras (or at least mine) in the cold.  If you’d like to see the shots (featuring the world’s coldest pizza), they’re here.

Tomorrow is all about work, then off to London and endless city-hopping.  For now, though, take it from me: reindeer is delicious. :-)

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Genuine Fractals Universal beta available

Good news from the plug-in developer front: onOne software has announced that a beta of Geniune Fractals is available in beta form, and that it’s compiled as a universal binary that runs natively inside Photoshop CS3 on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs. The beta also works with previous Photoshop and Photoshop Elements versions for Mac and Windows.  To try it out, you need to request access via this form.  Additionally, onOne has announced that they’ll be offering free compatibility updates to their other plug-ins (MaskPro, Intellihance, etc.).

If you’re a developer and want to make your Mac plug-ins Intel-compatible, please check out the CS3 mini-SDK.  And please let us know if you need folks to test your new code; we’ll be happy to spread the word.

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