January 11, 2007

Design bits: 3D sketching, Airswitches, & more


  • "To what question is the answer a £68,000 Volkswagen?," quipped British journalist Jeremy Clarkson.  I have similar thoughts about the Mathmos Airswitch–a light that can be turned on/off and dimmed/brightened by the proximity of your hand.  Then again, it’s kind of cool for its own sake. [Via]
  • Designed by the same folks at two create, the 3D drawing pad looks pretty fly (tough to tell without using it, of course).
  • Nanda’s Clocky is an alarm clock that not only rings, but also runs and hides to force you to get up. [Via]
  • Forget Dogs Playing Poker; how about fish playing horns?   (And apparently someone decided that a fish does need a bicycle.)
  • Ten bucks gets you a set of plastic spoons that change color in your microwave when your food reaches 120F–kinda great, although Gizmodo foresees dire results. [Via]   The invention made me think of that unfortunate Genera Hypercolor clothing from the ’80s; Googling for it led me to discover temperature-sensitive Eclipse wall paint. (How does $349 per gallon grab you?)
  • Geostationary Banana Over Texas is, if nothing else, aptly named. The site’s navigation sucks, so here’s a photo.  (Speaking of bananas, how great are these Japanese juice boxes?) A bit closer to earth, if only in terms of practicality, C|NET talks about proposals for flying power generators; see images.

[* Non-Adobe. Some folks like the non-Adobe-heavy bits I post here, while others couldn’t care less.  Others, you’ll certainly want to skip this one. :-) For the record, I do think this stuff is relevant for this blog, as I view design+technology as inherently Adobe-related.]

Posted by John Nack at 8:59 PM on January 11, 2007


  • rhwinter — 3:38 AM on January 12, 2007

    “//na*//” was a nice touch, but I agree that this is relevant stuff. especially the banana thing.
    [If your airspace is gonna get punk’d by a bunch of guys with some spare bamboo, it might be good to have a heads-up beforehand, right? ;-) –J.]

  • Eric Nunn — 11:10 AM on February 19, 2007

    Lucy Nunn of twocreate is my daughter so I’m a little biased, but Airswitch and the 3D pads are great products, and twocreate produce a great deal of the packaging for their products and lots of photoshoppery to make their concepts more accessible to their clients. I am a tad proud of them…
    [Cool all around! –J.]

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