January 12, 2007

Funky Faces of Flash

  • Monoface lets you mash up a design team’s faces, changing noses, eyes, etc.  The image sources are nicely edited, making for smoothly blended results. [Via]
  • Pictaps is a fun little Flash app that lets you sketch out a character, then make the tiny dude (or rather, an army of them) dance around like mad in a 3D world.  Dig the use of Flash 8 effects like blurring to add a sense of depth. [Via]
  • Roxik features Pictaps creator Masayuki Kido’s mug floating in 3D space, thoroughly creeping out my wife.
Posted by John Nack at 8:10 AM on January 12, 2007


  • Cpanel Reseller Hosting — 9:30 AM on January 12, 2007

    Extremely well designed and completely innovative,it just reminds me of some of my old projects.

  • Marc Pawliger — 9:40 AM on January 12, 2007

    You missed http://roxik.com/toy1.html Toto? Toto…
    [Heh–that’s bananas! Thanks for the link. –J.]

  • Michael VanPutten — 1:36 PM on January 12, 2007

    Thanks for the great links. The monofaces made me laugh out loud! These provide some wonderful inspiration.
    [ ;-) –J.]

  • Mike Morearty — 1:53 PM on January 12, 2007

    Also, on the Roxik home page with the author’s floating face, you can click on his face and pull it, stretching it wildly; then let go and watch his face spring back. Whee!

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