January 26, 2007

Interviews with Photoshop founders

  • The blog since1968.com features an interesting interview with Mark Hamburg (photo), founder and engineering manager of the new Photoshop Lightroom product (not to mention a driving force behind Photoshop itself for more than a decade).  In it Mark discusses the gestation of the product, some of the concepts behind its user interface, reasons they abandoned things like a free-form light table, and more.  I’m looking forward to part 2 of the interview, due to be posted soon on the site.  [For more on the history of Lightroom development, check out Jeff Schewe’s behind-the-scenes overview.  For more interviews with Mark, check out some of the Lightroom podcasts.]
  • CNET has been featuring some of the creative forces at ILM this week, highlighting the work of John Knoll (who co-wrote Photoshop with his older brother Thomas).   Now they’ve posted a 4-minute video in which John discusses those early days.  [For more info, photos, and clips from ILM’s Pirates work, see the mini-site they created. For more on the Knoll brothers & the creation of Photoshop, check out this piece on PhotoshopNews.]

Side note: I love that Hal Hickel, now an effects whiz at ILM, saved the rejection letter he received when, at age 12 in 1978, he proposed a sequel to Star Wars.  It reminds me of the note I got from LEGO 20 years ago, when I proposed camouflage bricks–a notion they rejected as being too war-like.  Yeah, and now they make a Lego Death Star… ;-)

Also, speaking of that “small moon,” how brilliant is this video, re-enacting the Star Wars Death Star battle using ony disembodied hands? [Via]

Posted by John Nack at 8:15 AM on January 26, 2007


  • Jeffrey Tranberry — 4:48 PM on January 26, 2007

    What!?!? I can only order 5 Lego Death Stars at $299 a pop?

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