January 01, 2007

Photography to welcome a new year

  • Milk’shroom: From Germany comes a terrific image of milk dropping into coffee. [Via]
  • Like perhaps millions of others, I’ve seen some of Steve McCurry‘s famous and arresting images, but like many I didn’t know his name.  I know it now, as the always-excellent blog The Online Photographer highlighted the arrival of Looking East, a book of Steve’s portraiture. Do be careful, though: his site contains a rich portfolio and could well suck you in for ages (and it did me). [Via]
  • Through T.O.P. I was reminded of the work of Jill Greenberg, whom they’ve named Photographer of the Year.  Her crying tots aren’t my cup of tea, but for whatever reason I really groove on her monkey portraits. See more of them here.
  • My own amateurish bits suffer by proximity, but the windy CA weather dropped a few groovy branches in our yard last night, and with a macro lens borrowed from the ‘Dobe, I had fun creating a few shots.  I’ve posted them (1, 2) via Zoomify, exported from CS3, as well so you can see the details. [Note: We’ll fix that "zoomed way out by default" bug soon, I promise.]
  • Someday, I’m afraid, you’ll read that I crashed and burned on Hwy 101 while transfixed by the comings & goings at Moffett Field, former home of the Navy’s lighter-than-air fleet.  In the meantime, the NYT is selling a beautiful print of a Zeppelin over Manhattan. On a related note, "Personal Blimp" refers not just to a product mgr. stuffed with HoneyBaked Ham (it was delicious) , but also to a small new airship being designed in Massachusetts. [Via]

Oh, and by the way, Happy New Year! :-)

Posted by John Nack at 11:54 PM on January 01, 2007


  • J. Peterson — 4:15 AM on January 02, 2007

    If you’re into personal blimpcraft, check out the White Diamond, Werner Herzog’s documentary about using one to cruise the rain forest canopy in Guyana.
    [Very cool. It makes me think of the amazing photography in Winged Migration. –J.]

  • k. walker-berman — 5:35 AM on January 02, 2007

    I love your content when it pertains to Photoshop or Lightroom. You’re unique in that sense because you have the smarts and contact to the people that know. Your blog gets a little off track when you try to cover content that’s already been published by tons of blogs. It sounds rushed and not quite on the mark. Maybe your readers could have more of the Photoshop and Lightroom and whatever you can offer via Adobe and less of the other. I love most of your postings but it takes a woman to bring a man back down to Earth. Happy New Year!
    [Happy New Year, K, and thanks for the feedback. I hear you, and I know that the more eclectic links won’t be to everyone’s tastes. And I was sincere in my first post when I said that I wanted the blog to be “all killer, no filler.” That said, this topic just came up, and it seems that at least a fair number of people enjoy the things I pass along as inspiration. Maybe I can find a way to flag these posts as not strictly Adobe-related so that they can be more easily ignored, if desired. –J.]

  • Bill Nelson — 4:51 AM on January 05, 2007

    Thanks a bunch for the Steve McCurry site link. I can look at his stuff for hours.
    I think I did.
    [Heh–me, too. :-) –J.]

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