January 22, 2007

Russell Brown’s PUG recording now available

In case you couldn’t attend last week’s Photoshop User Group meeting in San Jose–or if you did attend but just don’t want the dream to end*–you can check out the session online (recorded with the help of Acrobat Connect–neé Breeze) here.  After an initial two minutes of futzing around with the technical setup, Dr. Brown’s antics run for an hour or so.  Because of the length of the recording (note to self: next time don’t simply shut the laptop, or you will record 10 hours’ worth of silence), it may take a little time to start streaming.

If you have suggestions or requests for future PUG meetings, feel free to post them here or drop me a line directly.
[* Results may not be typical. No warranties expressed or implied. Your viewing pleasure may vary.]

Posted by John Nack at 3:51 PM on January 22, 2007


  • Dede Villela — 3:00 AM on January 23, 2007

    This guy is so funny… that’s one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen!!!
    Bridge & Photoshop CS3 rocks!!!
    Best regards,
    Dede Villela
    [Heh–thanks for the kind words. I’ll pass ’em on to Russell. –J.]

  • Lionel DesRoche — 11:06 AM on January 24, 2007

    I always enjoy Russell Brown. Thanks for posting.
    Question: I lost the computer screen portion of the presentation about a half hour into the presentation. Was this problems on my end?
    [I don’t know, as I haven’t watched that far into the recording (having seen it in person). I haven’t heard other reports of problems, however. –J.]
    I am having a ball experimenting with CS3. It put together a panorama I shot of Mission San Luis Rey that required only minor retouching. Great improvement.
    [Very cool. If you post any examples, please pass along the URL(s). –J.]

  • Lionel DesRoche — 11:30 AM on January 24, 2007

    This was done from 11 vertical shots, handheld.
    [Very nice. –J.]

  • Clay White — 7:07 PM on January 24, 2007

    Lost computer screen part just into Black & White part. Love Russell. Wish I could have seen all of the rest. OSX 10.4.8 Powerbook G4
    [Rats–there must have been a problem with the recording. –J.]

  • John Cornicello — 4:04 PM on February 23, 2007

    Seattle area folks can get a demo of Lightroom and a preview of Photoshop CS3 at the InDesign User Group meeting at Adobe’s Seattle office on March 13, 2007. No Russell Brown, but it should be a good show (with pizza)…

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